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  Film Catering
Film Catering
To cater a film is an experience only a catering addict could enjoy. Film crews and actors put in long hours in all sorts of weather and often film in the most unusual locations. The hours are long and breakfast can be served at 7 AM or 9 PM depending on when shooting begins for the day.

Since 2005, Black Diamond Caterers has catered three film productions in the greater Saratoga Region. The Skeptic, an independent movie starring Tim Daly and Tom Arnold, was filmed in and around Saratoga Springs. In 2006, The Cake Eaters, directed by Mary Stuart Masterson was filmed in the Catskills, and most recently in 2007, American General: Benedict Arnold, which will be aired on PBS, was filmed at historic locations throughout New York State. As professional off-premise caterers our team traveled with the film crew and serviced the crews and casts by supplying craft services and meals each day of filming.

The Saratoga Chamber of Commerce has a Saratoga Film Commission solely dedicated to aiding the film industry in the Saratoga area. We are proud to be part of the support system allowing productions to be filmed in this amazing area of history, horses, art and architecture. For more information please visit the Saratoga Film Commission at the following links:

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